Social and Emotional Development are both very important in a young child's life. The way they develop affects how they will act as they grow older. By providing a safe, secure, and loving environment we are giving these children a chance to grow up into social butterflies and emotionaly stable teens and adults. Social Development is very crucial for children, they need to interact with others and develop healthy relationships. Brighter Horizons offers both of these opportunities. Emotional Development is also very important for children at this age, they need to learn how to show they're feelings in a safe way and learn to follow rules.
Here at Brighter Horizons want to help our children develop a sense of their own identity and personal worth. A positive self-concept is very important for children.

What's Your Job?

We like to give each child a small task to do. This helps them to feel important since they are helping out and playing a role in the classroom. The different tasks include: line leader, passing out and collecting papers, and closing and opening the door for the class. With each child feeling important, they look at themselves more positively.
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We want our kids to interact with each other and build friendships. By playing games that involve them talking about themselves to others, we are helping them build their own character. They also get to learn about other children they're age. They will most likely form bonds over their similarities in likes and dislikes.
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Recess Games

Games like tag, hide-and-go-seek, races, and ring-around-the-rosy are just a few examples of recess games that help develop social skills. They are making friends, enjoying themselves, competing, exercising, and having fun all at the same time.
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We involve our children in music daily. Whether its "making" music, singing along to classic nursery rhymes, or listening to songs. They get the chance to sing, hum, play the drums, or just dance their hearts out. They enjoy the other children and gain extra points with themselves in this activity.
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Role Playing

Children get the chance to play and pretend they are anything during free time in our classes. They need ways to creatively use their imaginations, and we give them many chances! We have dress-up clothes, a miniature house set, a play miniature car, and many other sets that give kids the chance to be anything their heart desires. Whether they want to play "Mommy" or be a Firefighter, here they can!
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Interactive Story Time

We don't bore our children with story time. Our interactive story times will surely keep your child interested! We want them to play a big role in story time. So, we let them help tell the story and act it out. Our children absolutely love it, and it helps develop their social skills without them even realizing it.
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